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Very excited to announce a new film I made for the new Gucci Ultrapace Sneaker will be coming to the Gucci Wooster Street store this month!

You can also catch the film online very soon! For now, here’s a sneak peak.


Swallow Grass Snakes follows Devin, the star of a sex video that goes viral. When Devin meets an over-eager fan she is forced to decide how she will protect herself and her young sister from the perils of internet fame.

Check it out over at NoBudge: http://nobudge.com/main/swallow-grass-snakes

It’s been a pretty remarkable and pretty hectic year at Tisch this year! I have completed my first year of film school and I have to say, it was pretty much a dream. I don’t recall a time in recent memory that’s been both so difficult and also so dang rewarding. I’ve made a few films which are up now on the vimeo, take a look if you have the chance 🙂

More soon!



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I’m truly proud and excited to finally be able to share an album of tunes that Martin and I put our hearts and souls into. Ravelin was kind enough to share our thoughts about it. You can also stream the album, Infinite Mine, on Soundcloud.

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So proud and happy to share our remix EP! Out now on AQNB!!! Fantastic remixes by Kassett, Mobilegirl, Sporting Life and Lockbox.

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So pleased to announce the short film I made, Noon Quartets No. 3, documenting the making of Martin Crane’s latest string quartets, is now live on Ravelin Magazine.  Catch the video and some thoughts on the experience here:


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Very happy to share the new Watch Her Dance video that I directed starring Cheeky Maa, up now on You-Do-You!!

I wrote about the concept and making of the video, which you can read about here: http://www.you-do-you.com/2017/07/06/video-premiere-watch-dance-n-r-c/

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Very excited to share this short documentary I made on the artist Christopher Wolston.  I wrote about my experience with Chris for Ravelin, link below!